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Lecture and discussion: The Amazing Life and Death of Socrates

Wednesday February 20, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Nashville Public Library – Bellevue Branch
720 Baugh Road
Nashville, TN 37221

Best known for promoting the quest for knowledge, Socrates emphasized not thinking that you already know as the best starting point. He is often referred to as the father of philosophy, and is one of the most famous philosophers to ever live. Join us and discover how this brilliant, humorous sage and his teachings came to shine brightest during his darkest final days, after he was sentenced to death.


Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce our first weekly philosophical gatherings for 2019! Everyone is welcome so please join us for our upcoming topics for discussion during this month of January:

Introduction to Stoic Philosophy: Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and the Joy of Daily Living.

Philosophy and History in the Making: Golden Ages, Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Myth, History and the Spiral of History. Can we escape from cyclical traps?



Philosophy Course: Explore Wisdom of East & West

Discover the enduring value of philosophy as “love of wisdom” in a profound search for truth and meaning through 12 amazing world philosophy topics that teach us about improving ourselves and changing the world we live in by “being the change.”

– Ancient Egypt – Conception of the Human Being and the Laws of Nature

– Ancient India and the Bhagavad Gita – Learn about the great Epic story that teaches so much about overcoming fear and that has inspired great films like Star Wars

– Wisdom of Tibet and the Voice of the Silence

– Life and Teachings of Buddha – The Dhammapada and Noble Eightfold Path

– Aristotle – on Virtue and Happiness

– Plotinus and Immanuel Kant – Qualities of the Soul and the Universe

– Ancient Greece, Socrates and Plato’s Republic and the Myth of the Cavern – Learn about the journey of the prisoner soul and its path to freedom

– Ancient Rome and Marcus Aurelius – How to be true to oneself amidst challenges of modern life

– Myth, History and Time



Saturday, June 30, 2018
(10:00 am – 12:00 pm)

Philosophy & Hiking: Marcus Aurelius & Buddha

meeting place: bottom of the Percy Warner Park Steps

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.”
– Buddha

A philosophy class out in nature! Join us for a session of hiking and a discussion on the teachings of these two great giants of Eastern and Western wisdom.

We will meet at the Percy Warner Steps @ 10:00 am and hike for about half an hour to Luke Lea Heights Scenic Overlook (an awesome area from which you can see the downtown Nashville skyline ) where we will have a 45 minute philosophical discussion on Buddha’s Dhammapada and Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations.
Overall the event will take about 2 hours. Please arrive 15 minutes early and don’t forget to bring bug spray, sunscreen and a bottle of water for a hike to the overlook.

For more information e-mail
or text (954) 709-0744



Seminar and Discussion:
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 (6:30pm – 7:30 pm)

Discover the Myth that has inspired people for over 2,500 years to find the “hero” within and walk closer to the Universal Truth of the Cosmos.

Location: Bellevue Public Branch Library (meeting room)
720 Baugh Road, Nashville, TN 37221

Open to the general public. Free admission.

For more information, text (954) 709-0744



Thursday, February 22 (6:30pm – 7:30 pm)


“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present
thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.”
— The Dhammapada


Who was this man called Buddha? Discover his powerful teachings, among which are the amazing concepts of serenity, compassion and forgiveness. Learn more about Buddha’s timeless teachings!


Location: Atmalogy Cafe (inside “Grow” room)
2320 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Admissions open to the general public. Donations welcome.

For more information contact Julian Bernal at (954) 709-0744 or